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This Night

This night, their eyes met.

You could see the tenderness

and longing they held for each other

as they gazed into each others eyes.


This night, they were alone in the world.

No one else existed.

This night, she looked up shyly in his eyes

as he held her in his arms.

This night, the kisses they shared sent electrical

shocks throughout their bodies.

This night, there was so much passion between them

that they felt ablaze when they touched,

trembling to each others touch.

This night, deep inside were the feelings of longing

and need for each other. When they were together,

there were no feelings of emptiness. Their love

gave each other the fulfillment that

they had been searching for their whole lives.

This night, would be special, as every night together was.

But this night, he would make her his.

This night, they would become one.

Two coming together as one for all eternity.

Sharing their love, taking care of each others wants.

Never to feel the emptiness

they had before they met.

This night, she became his.